Travelling - The Way to Europe

The I.E.S. Politécnico de Lugo is a  rather large school which offers a wide range of secondary education and specialises in the Bachillerato (High School) in the branches of  science, technology and humanities. Besides, we also offer vocational and professional  training in the branches of sanitary care, electronics, electrical engineering, mechanics and social services. The age of our pupils ranges from 12 to 18 in secondary school and Bachillerato, and it is even more open in professional studies. The number of teachers is approximately 110 and the rest of the staff is about 15 persons. There is a large variety of different classrooms equipped with  technological devices and instruments.

The city of Lugo stands on the Northwest end of  Spain, on a smooth promontory by the river Miño. Lugo is a city council of almost a hundred thousand inhabitants with more than two thousand years of history. It was founded by the Romans, from whom  we keep important remains, such as the Roman Wall, Roman Spa, and other archaeological remains. At the foot of the city, the river Miño and its tributaries define a magnificent nature.

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“Travelling – The Way to Europe”



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